I’m ill and it sucks. It’s actually pretty boring being ill. Is it weird that I actually enjoy school? I mean I obviously hate waking up early and homework but apart form that I actually really enjoy school. I love seeing my friends and learning new things. While I’m writing this I’m listening to Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, it is SO good. I really like Justin Bieber at the moment, I didn’t use to like him at all but now I do. ‘ve got loads of homework I should be doing right now, but I really can’t be bothered.


Squash Tournament

Today I was in a squash tournament, I lost both my matches.

I always find it hard losing, I guess everyone does.


So a while back I made a post about Noah, this boy who I kinda have a MASSIVE crush on, you know the usual.

So in that post I mentioned that we have like this thing between us, now I have evidence. Okay so I still don’t know whether he like me or not, but that can come later. Basically nowadays we will kind of just meet eyes and look at each other for a few seconds and then we will just go back to being normal. So the scenario is that he was playing a match as I was leaving, and I was pretending to look at this noticeboard, and once he had finished his point we again just looked at each other and it was almost like we were saying good bye to each other

I know we are so weird, anyway I just thought I would keep you updated with that so yeah bye.

(How do you even end a blog, like can someone do a tutorial on it?)




Hey guys,

Sorry that I haven’t been around a lot, I swear I start off every post like this! Anyway on with the show:

So basically I’ve had like a kind of exam week at my school, I know it sucks, and we have started to get our results back. So I havn’t mentioned this before but when I’m older I want to go into medical science, I wan’t to like do things like make vaccines and cures for illnesses. So I pretty much love all the sciences. I know I am SUCH a geek. So I got back my results back for chemistry (my favourite) and lets just say that I was REALLY disappointed. I’m not even joking I almost started crying, not in like a jokey way I was just so upset and annoyed at myself.

So basically this post is for all the people out there who are struggling in a subject, just keep persevering you can do it, I believe in you and you just believe in yourself.


Guys Halloween is over. I’m crying. October is my favourite month of the year just because it is freakin’ amazing, I also kind of like August but anyway. I am now going to list reasons my I am in love with Halloween and just October in general:

  1. It is the perfect weather. Literally I can’t explain to you how much I love this kind of weather.
  2. It is the best time of the year for fashion. By that I mean you get to layer items and you stop being judged for wearing black.
  3. It is so pretty. With all the leaves and the mist and the kind of frosty mornings. I just love it.
  4. After Halloween (which is November but I don’t even care) is the earliest time that it is socially respectable to be excited for Christmas. Even though I start getting excited in like March or something lol
  5. Halloween is just the best thing ever. I’m just going to say one thing, free food.

Anyway guys that is the reasons that I love Halloween and October, I am going to try and post more frequently this half term but only time will tell. Christ I sound like my mother okay I’m going to leave you now.



Right now I’m writing this on my mum’s laptop, wowowowow that’s so great Autumn, I honestly could not care less. Guys I haven’t benn on my blog for over a month and I have been dying. Literally dying it is ridiculous how busy my schedule is at the moment.  I’ve really missed reading your posts, all of yours, I’ve missed all of the support you guys give me. Anyway I doubt you guys are bothered about any of that so I am now going to go on a rant about how busy I am. Let the ranting begin! And may the odds be ever in your favour! (Sorry it just felt right!)

Okay so first of all I will give you all a quick run down of my schedule:

Generic Day In My Life –

6:30 Wake Up (it kills me every time)

8:25 School Begins

4:00 School Ends

4:15 Mum Picks Me Up And Drives Me To Squash

6:00 Squash Lesson Finishes

9:00 Finish Homework

10:30 Bed

Guys it is ridiculous I am shattered every single day. Wait, hang on I know what we should do, we should all reblog this, adding generic days of our lives to it so the adults of the world realise the pain and struggle teens go through every single day. Guys I am leaving it up to you!!

Okay thank you for putting up with my rant and hopefully I am also thanking you for your retweet.

Bye : )

Do You Listen?

I was wondering today like does anyone actually read my blog? Does anyone actually listen to what I have to say? What is even going on in my life? Do you guys even care? There are so many unanswered questions in the world? Doesn’t anybody care about the answer? Why does the world have to spin? Can’t it just do it’s own thing? How does my mum know what to cook me for dinner? How are there 7 billion people in the world and I will never even meet them? Who made up languages? If you’re are deaf and blind and have been this way since birth what language do you think in? Why can’t I understand maths?